Chandler Center

Our Core Values

Service – Chandler Center seeks to serve those in Lincoln Park through offering a variety of community service initiatives. Our definition of serving means helping, partnering and supporting at various levels in order to put others in a position to succeed.

Availability – One of the greatest acts of love is being available. If a person or group form the Lincoln Park community needs or wants to talk, listen, vent, or be encouraged, we will be available, while also making use of the available means of communication.

Proximity – Being near is another important aspect of loving. Relating in person is key to earning trust and is what people desire most. It demonstrates sincerity and that we aren’t afraid to invest in relationships. We believe we are most effective when we serve those nearest to us.

Compassion – We do everything with compassion, never judging or dismissing. We emphasize with people and their situations, and the support we offer is never done with duty in mind. We seek to care for people right where they are.

Dedication – We may not be perfect but we won’t stop trying and we won’t give up working hard until it is right. Being dedicated means we don’t take the easy way out and we don’t stop seeking solutions.

Our History

The Chandler Center was birthed when Revive Network leaders saw the opportunity to repurpose a former church building to serve the local community. Our team saw the needs in the surrounding community and partnered with others in Lincoln Park who wanted to serve their community.

Through discussions with residents and community leaders (including city government and schools), we launched exercise classes, a clothes closet, ES:L classes, and hall rentals. As mew needs and opportunities. were identified, we responded to them.

We also hosted block parties and rummage sales, collected and distributed school supplies, and made prom dresses available to students.

Chandler Center Services

  • Hall Rental
  • ESL for those who speak Spanish
  • Exercise Classes
  • Food Pantry
  • Clothes Closet
  • The Center also hosts Chandler Church