Revive Network

Our mission is to provide services that meet practical, emotional and relational needs in Metro Detroit.

Our Approach

Assess Community Needs

We will accomplish this through brainstorming together as a team, demographic, studies and dialogue with community and church leaders. We will not assume we know what the needs of our community are, rather we will listen and learn from those who are deeply engaged in the communities we wish to serve.

Recruit Leaders with Vision

We are not going to develop a vision for particular initiative and then lead it on our own. Instead, we are looking for leaders with a vision for serving their community in a particular way. Once we have identified that leader and their specific vision, we will then work with them to develop and implement a new initiative.

Provide Ongoing Support

Revive Network will provide administrative support (i.e. Payroll Services, HR, Legal Services, Tax Exempt Status, etc.) and leadership development (coaching, training, networking opportunities with like-minded leaders, etc.). Each initiative will contribute to the success of the overall network by paying an annual administrative support fee to Revive Network.

Our Vision

We envision a network of community service initiatives that work together for the common good of people in Metro Detroit. Revive Network will serve as a hub for missional leaders and community service initiatives by providing the platform, infrastructure and administrative services needed for those leaders and their initiatives to develop and be successful.